About Me

As a New York native, I’ve been surrounded by art and culture my whole life. Growing up in Brooklyn I wasn’t into sports but I did spend a lot of time at the Brooklyn Museum where I took art classes from elementary school through High School. This early exposure to the arts had a huge influence on me and helped to shape my passion for creating throughout my life.

Over the years I studied at the Art Students League, the New York Academy of Art and attended many life drawing sessions at Spring Studio. I also gained invaluable experience working for decades in the graphic design business where I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented and accomplished designers in the industry. This experience has greatly influenced my own artistic style and approach. My art combines traditional techniques with computer graphics to create original and imaginative images that capture universal emotions and promotes positivity and connection.

My art is plain and easy to understand, without any hidden or confusing meanings. I aim to create accessible and enjoyable pieces that bring joy and hope to all who experience them. Thank you for visiting and I hope my art inspires and uplifts you in some way.  

Daniel Jay