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City Collage

City Collage

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This artwork features a collection of elements that convey urban rhythm and energy  A green gear, at the bottom, thick purple smoke curls up from a brown chimney, and a bolt of red lightning cuts through the scene. A yellow bird with outstretched wings adds life to the image, alongside angled blue buildings, All set against a backdrop of yellow and orange vertical stripes. It would brighten and enliven a living room, bedroom or any other room in your house!

Free Sample! Since it’s impossible to convey the true colors, texture and feel of the actual canvas print on a phone or computer screen, I will send you one reduced size free sample. Click the GET A SAMPLE button above.


Pigmented ink on archival canvas

Shipping & Returns

It ships rolled in a tube.
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24" x 36"

Care Instructions

To maximize the longevity of this artwork, it's important to keep it away from high humidity and direct sunlight.

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    City Collage Art Print

    Received my City Collage Art Print from Daniel Jay. I really wanted something interesting with vivid colors to brighten the drab home office space in my house. The price was great. I was surprised to see very high quality pigmented ink on fine canvas. I know you're not supposed to touch it, but I looked at it under magnification because the texture was interesting. It was just beautiful enough that I would have felt bad to thumbtack to the wall, so I had it framed. Will try to post a picture. For some reason I thought the print was smaller (the large size was a pleasant surprise). The picture might include a dollar bill on the side to let everyone know how large it is.